The Occupancy Cost Audit Group (OAG) is North America’s largest and oldest real estate lease recovery audit firm.  OAG provides a specialized audit recovery service to uncover hidden occupancy cost overcharges.  OAG has pioneered the recovery audit business through innovations and creativity in the audit industry.  Using proven auditing techniques and proprietary audit methodologies, we examine invoices, related leases, amendments, CC&R’s, REA’s and other real estate documents, searching for overbillings and overpayments.  OAG is the expert in identifying, validating and recovering lost profits quickly and efficiently, and assist businesses in improving their financial performance with insightful information, actionable recommendations and bottom-line results.

We perform more real estate occupancy cost recovery audits than any other firm and recover millions of dollars for a broad range of clients around the country.  Our competitive advantage is powered by our proven expertise, innovative technology, extensive database and superior service. Our team of real estate professionals is comprised of industry experts with extensive experience and impressive backgrounds in accounting, retailing and real estate.  Our professional auditors are educated, experienced and talented with an intuitive approach to auditing.  We employ a proven methodology that has been continually refined and improved by “best practices” developed over the past 20+ years.  Our focus is to build a long-term relationship with you and your team.  We still work with a number of clients we obtained from the early to mid 1990’s.  Our client relationships are important to us.  We understand the importance of not disrupting your daily operations so we streamline each phase of our audit process to be as unobtrusive as possible.  Our specialized team is focused and dedicated to serve your specific audit needs.

OAG is headquartered in Southern California and has Senior Associates nationwide.


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