Core Values & Experience

Using proven auditing techniques and proprietary audit methodologies, we examine invoices, related Leases, Amendments, CC&R’s, REA’s and other critical real estate documents, searching for overbillings, overpayments any many other factors that would result in an errant transaction. We are the expert in identifying, validating and recovering lost profits quickly and efficiently, which result in improved financial performance and insightful information with actionable recommendations for sustained performance.

Our team of real estate professionals is comprised of industry experts with extensive experience and impressive backgrounds in accounting, retailing, property management and real estate. Our professional auditors are educated, experienced and talented. Their intuitive approach to auditing is unmatched in the marketplace. We employ a proven methodology that is continually refined and improved by sharing “best practices” developed over the past 25 years. Our focus has always been to develop and maintain a long-term relationship with our clients. We understand the importance of not disrupting your daily operations so we streamline each phase of our audit process to be as unobtrusive as possible. Our highly experienced team is focused and dedicated to serve your specific audit needs.

Given our singular focus on Occupancy Cost recovery for over 30 years we have had extensive experience working with most of the nation’s largest and most recognizable big box retailers and commercial tenants. Our unique national coverage and depth of our organization has created a model that is specifically suited to serve this class of trade. We do not pretend to represent an offering that is everything for everyone. Not always the case in this industry. All our work is performed internally by OAG Associates. Due to bandwidth limitations with very large multi–location clients it is not uncommon for providers to subcontract portions of the audit to unrelated third party sources to complete the work which can result in inconsistent output. That has never been the case for OAG. Our related experience working with all configurations uniquely qualifies us along with our web-based database technology to provide efficiencies that other firms without this valuable experience and available internal resources cannot.

The depth of in-house experience and industry perspective provides a unique level of sensitivity and understanding to the critical factors that will result in meaningful audit results. Our audit team members have a vast experience base from their prior careers managing the real estate portfolios for some highly recognizable nationally branded retailers.