Market Experience

 Market Experience


Industry Experience

Industry Experience



  • Average more than 20 years of related experience
  • Possess extensive retail & industry backgrounds
  • Experienced with complex lease terminology
  • Associates are former property managers, real estate executives and landlords
  • Associates are cross-trained
  • Sensitive to the time constraints and working environments of our clients
  • Maintain Landlord/Client relationships and partnerships
  • We may have already audited centers in which you are located
  • Offer unique solutions


Commitment to Client

  • Complete confidentiality of client files, leases and other agreements
  • Minimal disruption of daily operations
  • Respect for your Landlord relationships
  • Meaningful status reports
  • Client controls the audit process
  • Client retains 100% of go-forward benefits
  • Fair & reasonable fees

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Kirk Morgan · April 4, 2022 at 11:49 AM

A real estate lease audit review is one of the most cost effective ways of ensuring the accuracy of a company’s real estate spend and proving or tightening internal controls and lease language. The process often stops overcharges by landlords going forward as well as recovering historical overpayments. A solid lease audit firm like OAG is an excellent set of extra eyes on your lease administration. More American commercial and retail tenants partner with OAG than any other firm.

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